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No Boundaries

Medical Professionals at Your Convenience

Time is our most valuable asset.


In today's world that time is continuously taken from us.

Telemedicine can help you to get some of that time back.

Whether you are out of town, out of state, or simply running late for an event, our relationship with HealthiestYou puts the power back in your hands by connecting you to an experienced medical professional with the app on your phone.


No copays, no network, no problem.

Family Fishing


HealthiestYou is at the forefront of telemedicine and we at The ForWard Insurance Agency are glad to be partnered with them. 

HealthiestYou comes in the form of an app on your phone and allows you to establish contact with a doctor in whatever area you happen to be in at a moments notice. The user does not have to be in-network, there is no copay for service, and the providers are able to write Rx's that can be easily sent to a pharmacy near you.  These are only a few of the tools that HealthiestYou puts at your disposal.


If you would like to know more about how we integrate HealthiestYou into our plans, or more about telemedicine in general, feel free to schedule a free consultation with a TFIA member today!

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